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Chris Rupe

Yacht Broker


(310) 529-0491


About Chris

Born in the vibrant city of San Diego and raised in the picturesque enclave of Point Loma, Chris Rupe's maritime journey began early. His formative years were spent immersed in the world of Sport fishing vessels in San Diego, cultivating a profound understanding of these watercrafts. At the remarkably young age of 19, Chris achieved the feat of obtaining his 200GT USCG Master's license in 1988, a credential he has leveraged expertly along the sun-kissed shores of California and Mexico. Chris's affinity for the sea translated into a dynamic career, encompassing a diverse fleet of vessels. His nautical repertoire spans from owning and operating Towing Vessels to Yachts and Commercial Sport fishing Boats, a testament to his versatility and mastery. Regarded as a beacon of knowledge within the boating community, Chris's practical experience is held in high regard, an invaluable resource for both novices and seasoned seafarers alike. Transitioning from a storied career as a professional Firefighter in Southern, Ca. Chris found a new calling when his lifelong friend, John McCarty, embarked on his venture into the world of Yacht Brokerage. Encouraged by the camaraderie and shared passion for boating, Chris took his friend's invitation and joined the ranks of the Brokerage. Armed with proficiency, an illustrious history, and an unwavering passion for boating, Chris seamlessly integrated into the esteemed ensemble of the McCarty Yacht Group. In his role, Chris assumes the mantle of an educator and guide. His wealth of experience becomes a conduit through which both present and future clients are skillfully directed in their pursuit of their ideal vessel, whether it be selling or acquiring. At the McCarty Yacht Group, Chris Rupe's presence augments with the team's dedication to fostering meaningful connections and orchestrating seamless transactions.

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