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John D. McCarty

President and Principal Broker
of McCarty Yacht Group


(714) 267-7364


About John

With a deep-rooted passion for the ocean and boating, John D. McCarty stands as the embodiment of a lifelong connection to the maritime world. Born and raised in Southern California, his journey into boating began at the tender age of five as he ventured out on the waters alongside his father. This early introduction sowed the seeds of his enduring love for the sea, a sentiment that would shape his path through various stages of life. From family fishing trips to High School summers spent working on Sport Fishing charter boats, his experiences on the water became an integral part of his identity. Even during his college years, he found solace in the presence of marinas and boats, drawn to the tranquil allure of waterfronts.

Emerging from college, John's destiny took a natural turn when he assumed the role of Manager in charge of the Boat Yard and Fiberglass department at Schock Boats in Newport Beach, California. This pivotal role served as the cornerstone of his education in Boat Building, Repair, and Installation, refining his skills and knowledge in the craft. After years dedicated to boat repair and new constructions, a defining moment arrived when John and his wife, Judy, acquired the Sportfishing Charter boat Fin Fever. This marked the genesis of their foray into the executive Yacht Charter realm, specializing in offshore fishing escapades lasting one to two days. As the enterprise flourished, they navigated multiple boats through their fleet during peak seasons, addressing a growing demand for maritime leisure. Recognizing a crucial industry void, John established McCarty Yacht Repair to complement their existing ventures. This strategic move allowed him to seamlessly run both enterprises in tandem. Leveraging his longstanding relationship with Scott and Marie Schock, he also embarked on an endeavor to oversee new boat constructions, with a focus on Engine Installations, Electrical Systems, and Electronics. In a dual capacity, John spearheaded these endeavors for years, orchestrating both charter operations and boat manufacturing. Approximately 200 days per year were dedicated to running the charter boat, while simultaneously crafting an array of vessels for the Schocks and other clients. As the client base expanded, so did John's role. Recognizing his ability to provide expert guidance in boat transactions, he obtained his California Yacht Brokers license, marking the inception of a new facet in his career. John's dedication to his clients goes beyond the professional realm, as they often transition into enduring friendships. This commitment extends beyond the office, as he also assumes the role of Captain aboard the 105 Ft. long range yacht fisher the Pescatore.

At McCarty Yacht Group, John and his team are primed to offer an unparalleled experience. Their expertise encompasses boat handling, deliveries, and post-sale mechanical support, enriching the journey of every boating enthusiast. John's personal life mirrors his professional one, as he is married to his confidante, Judy, and takes pride in raising their two sons, John Jr. and Christopher. The McCarty family's shared love for the boating lifestyle is embodied by John Jr., a licensed Captain, and Christopher, who immerses himself in Yacht maintenance.

Embark on the MYG Experience and discover the essence of assistance and expertise. At McCarty Yacht Group, every interaction is an opportunity to make lifelong connections.

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