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John Jr. McCarty

Yacht Broker


(714) 833-7975


About John Jr.

Hailing from the sunny shores of Orange County, California, John Jr. was practically born into the work of yachts. From his earliest days, he found every opportunity to join his dad on their family boat, forging a deep and abiding connection with the ocean and all its wonders. Taking inspiration from his father, John turned his passion for the sea into a lifelong career.  As a seasoned 100T Master, he possesses a wealth of experience spanning every facet of the yachting industry.  His journey has seen him acquire mechanical expertise, an impeccable eye for detail, and a comprehensive understanding of the myriad systems that grace these magnificent vessels.  Off-duty, John revels in the thrill of the waves, whether catching them on a surfboard, cruising the open waters on his own boat, or casting a line for some recreational fishing.  His devotion to all thing’s maritime shines through in every aspect of his life, making him a true asset to the McCarty Yacht Group.

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